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Invited seminars and talks.

This page lists the main seminars and talks that I was invited to give since I started my PhD. For each of these talks, you will find a link to the pdf file of my slides, and sometimes a video or sound track of my talk.

green lines are outreach presentations given to non-specialists (eg high school students).

April 2018Group Seminar (LPTENS) Periodic XXX spin chains: what is under the carpet?
August 2015Thematic semestre AdS/CFT Correspondence, holography, integrability (CRM, Montréal) Hirota equation and the spectrum of (some) quantum integrable models
Mai 2015Conference Cordes en France (UPMC, Paris) On the spectrum of (some) quantum integrable models
March 2015Presentation to high school students (Dijon) Les Mathématiques, un langage transversal
Mai 2014Colloquium of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne (Dijon) Modèles intégrables quantiques et théorie des champs
March 2014Presentation to high school students (Dijon) Mathématiques en physique quantique
February 2014Outreach presentation in CNAM (Paris) Mais au fait, qu'est-ce que c'est une particule?
novembre 2013Séminaire à Durham
Novembre 2013 Maths HEP Seminar in Durham universtity Q-functions in the spectral problem of integrable quantum field theories
March 2013Seminar in the mathematics institute in Dijon Intégrabilité classique de systèmes quantiques : de chaînes de spins à la dualié AdS/CFT
February 2013Seminar in the physics laboratory in ENS Lyon Classical and quantum integrability : from spin chains to the AdS/CFT duality
February 2013Seminar in Imperial College (London) Integrability and analyticity of conserved charges […]
Novembre 2012Group seminar in IpHT (Saclay) Integrability of rational spin chains, MKP hierarchy and Q-operators.
August 2012Conference Integrability in gauge and string theory (ETH, Zurich) Using FiNLIE for AdS/CFT spectrum. (sound track is online)
June 2012 PhD defense, in LPT-ENS (Paris) Integrable systems and AdS/CFT duality.
February 2012Conference on common trends in Gauge Fields, Strings and Integrable Systems (Nordita, Stockholm) Solving the AdS/CFT Y- and T-system.
Novembre 2011 Group seminar in ETH (Zurich) Non-linear integral equations for AdS/CFT spectrum.
Novembre 2011Conference SCGCS (Londres) Integrability and Y-system for AdS/CFT correspondence.
Octobre 2011Group seminar Imperial College (London) Understanding the AdS/CFT Y-system.
August 2011Workshop Exact results in Gauge/Gravity Dualities (Waterloo) Solving the AdS/CFT Y-system.
May 2011Group seminar in LPT-ENS (Paris) Hirota Equation and Q-functions.
February 2011Conference : Nordic string theory meeting (Berlin) Hirota Equation and its solution through Q-operators/Q-functions
January 2011 Group seminat in IpHT (Saclay) Hirota Equations, Bethe Ansatz and Q-operators for (super-)Spin chains
July 2010 Group seminar in DESY (Hamburg) Non-Linear Integral Equations for the SU(N)xSU(N) Principal Chiral Field