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Interests. hmmmmmmmm... My field of researched addresses various related aspects of group theory, including

  • aspects of group theory involving unitary representations, such as Kazhdan's Property (T), Haagerup Property and their variants;
  • the space of (marked) finitely generated groups;
  • structural results about groups and locally compact groups;
  • the large-scale geometry of groups, including, among others, connected solvable Lie groups.
    I'm also interested in Lie algebras, graded Lie algebras and their homology, and their relation to the geometry of groups.

    My list of publications on MathSciNet (MathSciNet searches on Author = "Cornulier" or "de Cornulier" result in partial lists)


    Main survey works.

    Mémoire d'habilitation à diriger les recherches (HDR) (15 mai 2014, in French, 36 pages) This is a summary of part of the research performed after PhD, until the habilitation defense. In the French system, the HDR diploma is required in order to supervise PhD students.

    Publications, submitted papers and prepublications.
    Reminder: in accordance to the custom in mathematics, the authors of an article are systematically listed in alphabetical order. In particular, the use of "Alpha et al." in bibliographies should be avoided, and the listing of articles by Google mentioning only the first named author should be considered as a damaging nuisance.

    Near actions, commensurating actions, piecewise groups...
    Lie algebras
    Large-scale geometry

    Hilbert spaces, Haagerup Property, Property T, Property FW, etc.

    Abstract group theory and miscellaneous

    Some more unpublished papers and lecture notes.

    A rare paper by Giuseppe Vitali (1915): Sostituzioni sopra una infinità numerabile di elementi. Bollettino Mathesis 7: 29-31, 1915. (Scanned pdf). Up to my knowledge, this unheralded work is the first study of the group of all permutations of an infinite set.
    Timothée L. Labinet, Projective varieties have countably many real forms (pdf).
    Adara, Deneb Kaitos; Albireo; Procyon B, Canopus, Arcturus, Zefirka
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