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Scientific Mediation

Citizen Science Vigie-nature

"Vigie-nature école"


Vigie-nature is a program of community science, which allows everyone, through straightforward methods, to add his or her contribution to scientific knowledge about biodiversity and how it faces actual changes. Organised by the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, it concerns several species groups (birds, pollinators, plants, snails, etc.) and aims to be accessible to every French citizen.

The idea of Vigie-nature école is to make this program feasible at school. It is the opportunity for children and teenagers to discover the fauna and flora around them and participate to a real scientific research project.

I have created educational documents and suggestions of activities for teachers who wish to involve their class in Vigie-Nature (High school).

Awareness and conservation in Peru

Conservation Area

For my PhD, I am conducting fieldwork in Peru. This is in tropical forest, and particularly in some protected areas. The data I gather are communicated to local organisations involved in protection in order to improve knowledge and protection of those zones. I also share with the interpretation centre of these protected area some of my photos and communication posters.


In Tarapoto (Peru), my colleagues and I work in collaboration with conservation organisations such as Urku and Wayrasacha . We enjoy sharing with visitors coming from different regions, knowledge about local biodiversity and research findings.

Naturalist animations

Young people

With my degree in animation BAFA "sensibilisation à l'environnement", I animated holidays and activities about discovering nature for children and teenagers.

General Audience

Besides my activities with young people, I have been involved in naturalist activities with adults during a summer job in a protected area and with an organisation for ornithology (LPO).



During my studies at the ENS, with the "Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherches sur l’'Environnement et la Société", we presented an exhibition on biodiversity and wrote an article, "Réduire les pesticides : les innovations du Grenelle et de l'Europe".

Seminar "Biologie pour tous" at the ENS

I have presented some courses about ecology, as a scientific discipline, for a student popularisation seminar named "Biologie pour tous".