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I am a researcher from CNRS at institute ECOBIO, located at University of Rennes (France) where I am leading research about the implication of genome structure in modelling adaptation and the evolution of biological diversity. I am interested in biodiversity, speciation and evolution.

My research interests focus on how evolutionary pressures shape diversity of species and phenotypes, as well as the underlying genetic variation. Reciprocally, I am interested in genetic architecture, and particularly structural variants, to better understand how they may play a special role in the evolution of biological diversity. My current projects are interested in the role of chromosomal inversions and structural variants in adaptation to heterogenous environments and the maintenance of polymorphism in seaweed flies. You can find more details about my research on this page

As a citizen and a scientist, I am concerned by recent changes in biodiversity and impact of humans. Nowadays, protection of biodiversity is a major issue and I believe that involving the whole society in the responsible management of nature requires a better knowledge of living beings. That's why I am taking part in teaching, scientific popularisation and naturalist discovery activities.

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