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Talks and Workshops

Oct. 2018 Presentation at the International Conference on Ecological Sciences (SFEcologie 2018) Rennes, France (soon)
Jul. 2018 Presentation in a workshop on Systemic and Symbolic Biology (BIOSS, 4th edition) Marseille, France (soon)
Mar. 2018 Participation in a workshop on machine-learning for statistic and stochastic models (ASSTABIO) Rennes, France
Jan. 2018 Participation in the Tara Oceans Polar Circle meeting Paris, France
Mar. 2017 PhD Thesis Defense Grenoble, France
Jul. 2016 Presentation in a workshop on Systemic and Symbolic Biology (BIOSS, 2nd edition) Lyon, France
Oct. 2015 Presentation in a seminar on the Modeling of Life (SeMoVi) Grenoble, France
Apr. 2015 Presentation at the Advanced Lecture Course on Computational System Biology (CompSysBio) Aussois, France and
Mar. 2015 Participation in the workshop Integrative Cell Models at Lorentz Center Leiden, The Netherlands
Jul. 2014 Contribution at the International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS) Groningen, The Netherlands

Thesis and reports

Mar. 2017 PhD Thesis manuscript Grenoble, France