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Graduate courses

The courses specifically dedicated to Pari/GP are on this page.

Cohomology of arithmetic groups in low rank and number theory, Cogent Summer School 2022 (Grenoble, France) [ video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | notes ]

This common course with Haluk Şengün is dedicated to the cohomology of arithmetic groups in low rank (e.g. Bianchi groups), their associated geometric models (hyperbolic geometry) and connections to number theory.

Computational mathematics focused on number theory, SuSAAN Summer School (Nesin Math Village, Turkey) [ slides ]

This course is a survey of mathematical algorithms, with a focus on number theory. There were exercise sessions with Pari/GP, available here.

Crash course on Galois theory, Charm bootcamp (online) [ slides ]

This course is a survey of Galois theory and its connections with algebraic number theory, without proofs.

Undergraduate courses

Algebraic number theory 2016-2017

I have written these lecture notes, assignments and solutions with Nicolas Mascot.

Algebraic number theory 2015-2016

Fundamentals for mathematics and computer science (2013)

I have written these solutions with Samuel Le Fourn.

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