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The software Pari/GP is a computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory. This page lists some Pari/GP courses and tutorials. For a list of some contributions to Pari/GP, see that page.

Computational mathematics focused on number theory, exercise sessions prepared with Marine Rougnant (course on this page). [ exercises ]

Introduction à la théorie algébrique des nombres, tutorial. [ PDF (french) | Jupyter notebook (french) ]

Algebraic number theory, tutorial. [ slides | GP code ]

Advanced algebraic number theory, tutorial [ slides | GP code ]

Construction of subfields and abelian overfields, tutorial. [ slides | GP code | video ]

Faster class group computations from norm relations, talk with example code explaining how to use my script abelianbnf. [ slides | GP code | video ]

Finite fields, tutorial [ slides | GP code ]

Associative and central simple algebras, tutorial [ GP code ]

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