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KleinianGroups is a Magma package computing fundamental domains for arithmetic Kleinian groups. It is distributed under the GPL v3+ licence.

Current version: 1.0 (2012-09-25) [ tar.gz | zip ]

A description of the algorithm can be found in my article Computing arithmetic Kleinian groups.


I wrote a PARI library for computing with associative algebras over Q or Fp and central simple algebras over number fields. It is now contained in PARI/GP as a module. Apart from basic operations, I implemented the following algorithms:

I am planning to extend these functionalities.

Other contributions to PARI/GP

I contribute to the development of PARI/GP on a regular basis. In addition to the algebras module, here are some examples:


abelianbnf is a GP script that computes the class group of certain Galois number fields by exploiting the existence of norm relations, using the algorithm described in this article. It is distributed under the GPL v3+ licence.

Current version : 1.0 (2020-09) [ tar.gz | zip | HAL | Software Heritage ]


With John Cremona and Drew Sutherland, I defined an implemented a sorting and labeling scheme for ideals in number fields. I wrote the GP code. The description and the code are available on Github.

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