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Débarre F (2017)
Fidelity of parent-offspring transmission and the evolution of social behavior in structured populations.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 420: 26-35.
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Débarre F and Otto S (2016)
Evolutionary dynamics of a quantitative trait in a finite asexual population.
Theoretical Population Biology 108: 75-88.
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Massol F and Débarre F (2015)
Evolution of dispersal in spatially and temporally variable environments: the importance of life cycles.
Evolution 69: 1925-1937.
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Débarre F, Yeaman S, Guillaume F (2015)
Evolution of quantitative traits under a migration-selection balance: when does skew matter?
The American Naturalist 186.S1 (2015): S37-S47.
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Débarre F (2015)
Fitness costs in spatially structured environments.
Evolution 69: 1329-1335.
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Débarre F, Nuismer SL, Doebeli M (2014)
Multidimensional (co)evolutionary stability.
The American Naturalist, 184(2): 158-171.
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Débarre F, Hauert C, Doebeli M (2014)
Social evolution in structured populations.
Nature Communications 5: 3409, doi:10.1038/ncomms4409.
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Vines TH, Albert AYK, Andrew RL, Débarre F, Bock DG, Franklin MT, Gilbert KJ, Moore J-S, Renaut S, Rennison DJ (2014)
The availability of research data declines rapidly with article age.
Current Biology 24(1): 94-97.
Featured in: Nature, Science, and others; see altmetric webpage .
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Gascuel FM, Choisy M, Duplantier J-M, Débarre F*, Brouat C* (2013)
Host Resistance, Population Structure and the Long-Term Persistence of Bubonic Plague: Contributions of a Modelling Approach in the Malagasy Focus.
PLoS Computational Biology 9(5): e1003039. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003039
MMaster student; *equal contribution in supervising the study
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Débarre F, Ronce O, Gandon S (2013)
Quantifying the effects of migration and mutation on adaptation and demography in spatially heterogeneous environments.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26(6): 1185-1202.
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Débarre F (2012)
Refining the conditions for sympatric ecological speciation.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(12):2651-2660
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Débarre F, Lion S, van Baalen M, Gandon S (2012)
Evolution of host life-history traits in a spatially structured host-parasite system.
The American Naturalist 179(1): 52-63.
Awarded: Best Poster prize at the Disease dynamics 2013 meeting.
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Débarre F, Lenormand T (2011)
Distance-limited dispersal promotes coexistence at habitat boundaries: reconsidering the competitive exclusion principle.
Ecology Letters 14(3): 260-266.
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Débarre F, Gandon S (2011)
Evolution in heterogeneous environments: between soft and hard selection.
The American Naturalist 177(3): E84-E97.
Awarded: Société Française d'Écologie's 2012 young investigator prize
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Débarre F, Gandon S (2010)
Evolution of specialization in a spatially continuous environment.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 1090-1099.
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Débarre F, Lenormand T, Gandon S (2009)
Evolutionary Epidemiology of Drug-Resistance in Space.
PLoS Computational Biology 5(4): e1000337. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000337
Press coverage: Journal du CNRS
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Débarre F, Bonhoeffer S, Regoes RR (2007)
The effect of population structure on the emergence of drug resistance during influenza pandemics.
J R Soc Interface 4(16): 893-906.
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Books chapter(s)

Débarre F and Gandon S (2008)
Épidémiologie évolutive des maladies infectieuses.
In Introduction à l'Épidémiologie Intégrative des Maladies Infectieuses et Parasitaires (eds. Guégan J-F, et Choisy M), pp. 347-374. De Boeck Université, Collection Masters, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique.
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Débarre F (2010)
PhD: Living and evolving in a (spatially) heterogeneous environment
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Débarre F (2007)
Master (2): Épidémiologie et évolution des pharmacorésistances: un modèle spatial
pdf (in french)