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Calvez V, Débarre F, Girardin L
Catch me if you can: a spatial model for a brake-driven gene drive reversal


L J Harmon, C S Andreazzi, F Débarre, J Drury, E E Goldberg, A B Martins, C J Melián, A Narwani, S L Nuismer, M W Pennell, S M Rudman, O Seehausen, D Silvestro, M Weber, B Matthews (2019)
Detecting the Macroevolutionary Signal of Species Interactions
accepted in Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Rode N, Estoup A, Bourguet D, Courtier-Orgogozo V, Débarre F (2019)
What are the benefits and risks of gene drives for population management and conservation biology?
online at Conservation Genetics
article (open access)

Estrela S, Libby E, Van Cleve J, Débarre F, Deforet M, Harcombe WR, Peña J, Brown SP, Hochberg ME (2019)
Environmentally Mediated Social Dilemmas
Trends in Ecology & Evolution (in press)
article | preprint

Connallon T, Débarre F, Li XY (2018)
Linking local adaptation with the evolution of sex differences
Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B 373 (1757), 20170414
(This is the introduction to a theme issue that we edited)
article (open access) | TOC of the issue

Bienvenu F, Débarre F, Lambert A (2018)
The split-and-drift random graph, a null model for speciation
Stochastic Processes and their Applications
article | preprint | talk

Débarre F, Rode N, Ugelvig LV (2018)
Gender diversity at scientific events.
Evolution Letters, doi:10.1002/evl3.49
article (open access) | data | talk

Rego-Costa A, Débarre F, Chevin L-M (2018)
Chaos and the (un)predictability of evolution in a changing environment.
Evolution 72: 375-385. doi:10.1111/evo.13407
article | bioRxiv preprint | codes

Débarre F (2017)
Fidelity of parent-offspring transmission and the evolution of social behavior in structured populations.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 420: 26-35.
article | bioRxiv preprint | codes

Débarre F and Otto S (2016)
Evolutionary dynamics of a quantitative trait in a finite asexual population.
Theoretical Population Biology 108: 75-88.
article | bioRxiv preprint | codes | talk

Massol F and Débarre F (2015)
Evolution of dispersal in spatially and temporally variable environments: the importance of life cycles.
Evolution 69: 1925-1937.
article | codes | talk

Débarre F, Yeaman S, Guillaume F (2015)
Evolution of quantitative traits under a migration-selection balance: when does skew matter?
The American Naturalist 186.S1 (2015): S37-S47.
article | codes | talk

Débarre F (2015)
Fitness costs in spatially structured environments.
Evolution 69: 1329-1335.
link | bioRxiv (pre-final version) | codes | talk

Débarre F, Nuismer SL, Doebeli M (2014)
Multidimensional (co)evolutionary stability.
The American Naturalist, 184(2): 158-171.
article | codes | 3-min talk | 20-min talk

Débarre F, Hauert C, Doebeli M (2014)
Social evolution in structured populations.
Nature Communications 5: 3409, doi:10.1038/ncomms4409.
link | pdf+SI | codes | talk

Vines TH, Albert AYK, Andrew RL, Débarre F, Bock DG, Franklin MT, Gilbert KJ, Moore J-S, Renaut S, Rennison DJ (2014)
The availability of research data declines rapidly with article age.
Current Biology 24(1): 94-97.
Featured in: Nature, Science, and others; see altmetric webpage .
article | arXiv

Gascuel FM, Choisy M, Duplantier J-M, Débarre F*, Brouat C* (2013)
Host Resistance, Population Structure and the Long-Term Persistence of Bubonic Plague: Contributions of a Modelling Approach in the Malagasy Focus.
PLoS Computational Biology 9(5): e1003039. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003039
MMaster student; *equal contribution in supervising the study
pdf | codes | bib

Débarre F, Ronce O, Gandon S (2013)
Quantifying the effects of migration and mutation on adaptation and demography in spatially heterogeneous environments.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26(6): 1185-1202.
pdf | codes | bib | talk

Débarre F (2012)
Refining the conditions for sympatric ecological speciation.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(12):2651-2660
pdf | codes | bib

Débarre F, Lion S, van Baalen M, Gandon S (2012)
Evolution of host life-history traits in a spatially structured host-parasite system.
The American Naturalist 179(1): 52-63.
Awarded: Best Poster prize at the Disease dynamics 2013 meeting.
pdf | som | bib | talk | poster

Débarre F, Lenormand T (2011)
Distance-limited dispersal promotes coexistence at habitat boundaries: reconsidering the competitive exclusion principle.
Ecology Letters 14(3): 260-266.
pdf | bib

Débarre F, Gandon S (2011)
Evolution in heterogeneous environments: between soft and hard selection.
The American Naturalist 177(3): E84-E97.
Awarded: Société Française d'Écologie's 2012 young investigator prize
pdf | som | bib

Débarre F, Gandon S (2010)
Evolution of specialization in a spatially continuous environment.
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 1090-1099.
article | bib | talk

Débarre F, Lenormand T, Gandon S (2009)
Evolutionary Epidemiology of Drug-Resistance in Space.
PLoS Computational Biology 5(4): e1000337. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000337
Press coverage: Journal du CNRS
article | som | bib | talk

Débarre F, Bonhoeffer S, Regoes RR (2007)
The effect of population structure on the emergence of drug resistance during influenza pandemics.
J R Soc Interface 4(16): 893-906.
article | bib

Books chapter(s)

Débarre F and Gandon S (2008)
Épidémiologie évolutive des maladies infectieuses.
In Introduction à l'Épidémiologie Intégrative des Maladies Infectieuses et Parasitaires (eds. Guégan J-F, et Choisy M), pp. 347-374. De Boeck Université, Collection Masters, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique.
pdf | bib


Débarre F (2010)
PhD: Living and evolving in a (spatially) heterogeneous environment
pdf [click on "Accéder en ligne" (the link on the english version of the page is broken)]

Débarre F (2007)
Master (2): Épidémiologie et évolution des pharmacorésistances: un modèle spatial
pdf (in french)