MAT1341C - Introduction to Linear Algebra

Here is the course's syllabus.


MNT 202


Lectures are on tuesdays 13:00-14:30 and thursdays 11:30-13:00.

Office hours are on wednesdays 10:00-11:30 in KED B07-A (585 King Edward, basement) or by appointment.
In any case, please notify by email or after the class that you are planning to come.

Lecture notes and exercises

The e-book “Vector Spaces First” (password protected, do not distribute) by T. Giordano, B. Jessup and M. Nevins (also available on the blackboard page of the class) will be the main reference for this class.

If you are looking for exercises: you can try those at the end of each chapter of the textbook, and here is a stock of past mid-terms, with solutions. Most of the exercises you will be doing in DGD will be taken from there.

Tests and Exam


Summary of lectures

Lecture Date Topic
1 January 12th Complex numbers: basic operations, polar form
2 January 14th Vectors (the Rn space) and geometry: dot product, orthogonality, angles
3 January 19th projection on a vector; lines and planes
4 January 21st cross products; vector spaces (introduction)
5 January 26th vector spaces and subspaces
6 January 28th Spans
7 February 2nd Linear independence/dependence
8 February 4th Basis and dimension
9 February 9th Dimension theorems
10 February 11th Function space; Coordinates in a basis
11 February 23rd Linear systems, introduction
12 February 25th Row echelon forms, gaussian elimination
13 March 1st Gaussian elimination, rank; traffic flow problems
14 March 3rd Applications of linear systems; matrix product
15 March 8th Other matrix operations, properties, matrices and linear systems
16 March 10th Block multiplication; vector spaces and matrices
17 March 15th Vector spaces and matrices, Nullspace and spans
18 March 17th Matrices and bases: rowspace, column space...
19 March 22nd Matrix inverses
20 March 24th Orthogonality
21 March 29th Orthogonality; determinants
22 March 31st Determinants; intro to eigen-vectors
23 April 5th eigen-values, eigen-vectors, diagonalization
24 April 7th diagonalization; linear transformations