Charles COLLOT

Current Position

Chargé de recherche, Laboratoire Analyse Géométrie Modélisation,
This institute is part of Cergy Paris Université.


UFR Sciences et Techniques,
AGM - Département Mathématiques,
Bâtiment E, cinquième étage
2 avenue Adolphe Chauvin,
95302, Cergy-Pontoise CEDEX

Research interest

I work on qualitative properties of solutions of nonlinear evolution equations. This includes dynamics near solitons and self-similar solutions, in particular during singularity formation, or in asymptotic regimes such as long time dynamics, or regimes involving a statistical description. My research aims at understanding the behaviour of solutions to certain parabolic equations, wave equations, equations of fluid dynamics, and statistical physics problems.

Short curriculum vitae

Preprints and Publications (preprints available on the arXiv)

Other documents

  • Short lecture notes from a minicourse I gave at USTC in 2019. These are aimed at graduate students, presenting key features in singularity formation, some important techniques, via the examples of the semilinear heat equation and the Prandtl's system.
  • The companion paper of the talk I gave on July 3, 2018, for the Laurent Schwartz seminar, entitled On self-similarity in singularities of the unsteady Prandtl's system and related problems.
  • The companion paper of the talk A.-S. de Suzzoni gave for the Laurent Schwartz seminar, entitled Un resultat de diffusion pour l’equation de Hartree autour de solutions non localisees.
  • The companion paper of the talk I gave at IHES on May 3, 2016, entitled On blow-up and dynamics near ground states for some semilinear equations.
  • My PhD thesis that I defended in November 2016. Most of it is written in English, it contains an introduction to my research field, un résumé en français, and some long sketches of certain proofs appearing in my publications.