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Mathematical works

"School" works (thesis etc.)

Articles published in scientific journals

Because of laws on copyright, unfortunately I cannot broadcast on the web the final versions of my articles as they were published by the journals —only my prepublications. However, I own a copy of the .pdf of these final publications: if you do not manage to get them online, you may write to me personally so that I send the files to you.

  1. (2008) A probabilistic Approach to Carne's Bound.
    Potential Analysis no 29, pp. 17-36.

  2. (2009) Some Ideas About Quantitative Convergence of Collision Models to Their Mean Field Limit.
    Journal of Statistical Physics no 136 (6), pp. 1105-1130.

  3. (2013) Sharp Equivalence between ρ- and τ-mixing Coefficients.
    Studia Mathematica.

  4. (2015) Fractional Brownian motion satisfies two-way crossing.
    To appear in Bernoulli.

Preprints and works in progress

  1. Tensorizing maximal decorrelations, 128 p.

  2. Comparison between W2 distance and −1 norm, and Localisation of Wasserstein distance, 14 p.

  3. (with C. Czichowsky, W. Schachermayer and J. Yang) Shadow prices, fractional Brownian motion, and portfolio optimisation under transaction costs, 23 p.

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