1.  The diagonal of the multiplihedra and the tensor product of A-infinity morphisms (with  Guillaume Laplante-Anfossi )
    ​Journal de l’École polytechnique — Mathématiques, Tome 10 (2023), pp. 405-446. doi : 10.5802/jep.221


3.  The V-infinity algebra structure on the symplectic chains 
      In progress
2.  Higher algebra of A-infinity and ΩBAs -algebras in Morse theory II
      79 pages, arXiv:2102.08996, 2021, submitted
1.  Higher algebra of A-infinity and ΩBAs -algebras in Morse theory I
      93 pages, arXiv:2102.06654, 2021, submitted


2.  Morse theory and higher algebra of A-infinity algebras  (text, slides of the defense)
      PhD thesis supervised by Alexandru Oancea, 2022
1.  Introduction à l’homologie de cordes (text)
      Masters dissertation supervised by Alexandru Oancea, 82 pages, written in French, 2018