May 2022 Clear-Sky Turbulence and Shallow Convection: New Insights Combining SAR Images, satellite brightness temperature and In-Situ Measurements.
Brilouet, P.-E., D. Bouniol, F. Couvreux, A. Ayet, C. Granero-Belinchon, M. Lothon et A. Mouche
2nd Workshop on Cloud Organization , Utrecht, Netherlands

May 2022 Process Oriented evaluation of the oversea AROME configuration: focus on the representation of cloud organisation.
Beucher F., D. Bouniol, G. Faure, F. Favot, T. Dauhut and A. Ayet
2nd Workshop on Cloud Organization , Utrecht, Netherlands

May 2022 Combining satellite and in situ data to investigate the marine atmospheric boundary-layer structure and trade-wind cumuli organization
Brilouet, P.-E., D. Bouniol, F. Couvreux, A. Ayet, C. Granero-Belinchon, M. Lothon et A. Mouche
European Geophysical Union-General Assembly , Vienna, Austria

March 2022 Modelling the cloud organisation during EUREC4A
Couvreux F, Beucher F, Dauhut T, Bouniol D, Lothon M, Brilouet PE, Ayet A
EUREC4A Workshop , Les Treilles, France

Feb 2022 Towards an understanding of how multiscale ocean-atmosphere interactions
modulate fluxes in the air-sea boundary layer
- session primary chair
Ocean Sciences meeting

Feb 2022 Understanding Coupled Ocean Wind, Current and Wave Processes through Remotely Sensed and In Situ Observations - session co-chair
Ocean Sciences meeting

Sept 2021 Flux air-mer de quantité de mouvement: limitations et apports théoriques
Meeting Final ANR COCOA , Autrans, France

Jul 2021 Organizer of the young scientist's workhsop "Air-sea interactions at different scales"
Les Houches physics school, France

June 2021 Deux limitations des paramétrisations bulk des flux air-mer:
apport de l’utilisation massive de données informée par la physique

Colloque LEFE MANU

Feb. 2021 The measurable (?) effect of submesoscale SST fronts on atmospheric boundary layer turbulence
S-MODE science team meeting

Feb 2020 Response of the Marine Atmopheric boundary layer to a SST front: insights from an analytical model
US CLIVAR workskop : Surface Currents in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System

La Jolla, CA, USA - [Talk] [Slides]
Feb 2020 A Spectral Perspective on the Local Interaction between Wind and Waves [Talk] and
Open Ocean Swell Dispersion from Moving Wind Fetches , [Poster] (presented by M. Hell)

Ocean Sciences meeting, San Diego, CA, USA - and
Jan 2020 Primary school outreach talk on ocean waves with Paul Platzer
Collège François Collobert , France
March 2019 Quel est l’impact des vagues sur la turbulence atmosphérique ?
22e Rencontre du Non Linéaire , Paris - [Long Talk]
Feb 2019 Using analogs to predict cloud cover from satellite images
AI and Ocean-Climate modelling conference, Rennes
Dec 2019 Impact of Ocean Waves on Atmospheric Turbulence - [Talk] and
Integrated Observations and Modeling of Surface Currents, Waves, and Winds - [Session Co-chair]
AGU fall meeting, Washington DC, USA
Sept.-Dec. 2019 Attendee of "The Mathematics of Climate and the Environment"
Institut Henry Poincaré research program , Paris
Nov. 2018 Attendee of the workshop on AI for Geophysical Dynamics, Brest, France
Oct. 2018 Attendee of the workshop "Doppler Oceanography from space", Brest
April-Mai 2018 KITP fellow at the Planetary boundary layers research program - [Talk Video]
KITP, Santa Barbara, USA
Sept. 2017 Analog Nowcasting of Solar Irradiance from Geostationary Satellite Images - [Conference paper]
Climate Informatics, NCAR, Boulder, USA
Aug. 2017 Attendee of the summer school "Fundamental aspects of turbulent flows in climate dynamics"
Les Houches School of physics, France
July. 2017 Analog nowcasting of solar irradiance from satellite images - [Poster]
Workshop: Data science and environment, Brest
May 2017 The single-particle density matrix of a quantum bright soliton -[Poster}
Workshop on non-equilibrium quantum matter, Mainz, Germany
May 2015 Introduction to the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz
Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics, Massey University, New Zealand