PhD thesis

    Preparation of large cold atomic ensembles and applications in efficient light-matter interfacing
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    Time-reversed and coherently-enhanced memory: A single-mode quantum atom-optic memory without a cavity
    J. L. Everett,   P. Vernaz-Gris,   G. T. Campbell,   A. D. Tranter,   K. V. Paul,   A. C. Leung,   P.K. Lam,    B. C. Buchler
    Physical Review A
    arXiv version


    High-performance Raman memory with spatio-temporal reversal
    P. Vernaz-Gris,   A. D. Tranter,   J. L. Everett,   A. C. Leung,   K. V. Paul,   G. T. Campbell,   P.K. Lam,    B. C. Buchler
    Optics Express
    arXiv version

    Multiparameter optimisation of a magneto-optical trap using deep learning
    A. D. Tranter,  , H. J. Slatyer,   M. R. Hush,   A. C. Leung,   J. L. Everett,   K. V. Paul,   P. Vernaz-Gris,   P.K. Lam,    B. C. Buchler,   G. T. Campbell
    Nature Communications
    arXiv version


    Highly-Efficient Quantum Memory for Polarization Qubits in a Spatially-Multiplexed Cold Atomic Ensemble
    P. Vernaz-Gris,   K. Huang,   M. Cao,   A.S. Sheremet,   J. Laurat
    Nature Communications
    arXiv version


    Dynamical observations of self-stabilizing stationary light
    J. L. Everett,   G. T. Campbell,   Y.-W. Cho,   P. Vernaz-Gris,   D.B. Higginbottom,   O. Pinel,   N. P. Robins,   P. K. Lam,   B. C. Buchler
    Nat. Phys. 10.1038/nphys3901
    arXiv version


    Continuous discretization of infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces
    P. Vernaz-Gris,   A. Ketterer,   A. Keller,   S. P. Walborn,   T. Coudreau,   P. Milman
    Phys. Rev. A 89, 052311
    arXiv version