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After completing a dual-award PhD on optical quantum memories between The Australian National University and Laboratoire Kastler Brossel at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, I have joined the French deep-tech company Cailabs.

Cailabs designs, produces and sells photonic solutions, among which unique components based on its patented Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology. There, I am in charge of the numerical simulation team, whose main task is the design of these components.

During my PhD, I was focused on experimental quantum memory schemes in cold and warm alkali ensembles (Electromagnetically-Induced Transparency, Gradient Echo Memory and Stationary Light), in the context of efficient light-matter interaction with applications in quantum information processing.

My current research interests are centred around the shaping of light for industrial processes or in spatial- and mode-division multiplexing in fiber optic communications.

You can find my published work on ORCID, ResearchGate or Google Scholar. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile.