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Apolline Louvet

PhD student in applied mathematics (3rd year)


I am a third year PhD student in applied mathematics at the MAP5 laboratory (Université de Paris), and a teaching assistant at the department of applied mathematics of Ecole Polytechnique (DepMAP).
My thesis is about the study of genetic diversity in expanding populations, by means of stochastic processes. A summary of my PhD subject is available here. My supervisors are Amandine Véber (MAP5) et Nathalie Machon (CESCO)

Research interests

As part of my thesis, I study stochastic population dynamics models which take into account the population spatial structure. These models are of two types : continuous in space and time (belonging to the family of spatial Lambda-Fleming Viot processes), or discrete in time and space (and variants of the Wright-Fisher model). The genetic diversity patterns arising in these models can be analysed by means of dual processes encoding genealogies.
I am interested in the theoretical aspects of theses models (definition, duality relation, properties,...) as well as in their numerical simulation. Moreover, I also study how to apply them to real datasets.