Activity of the HKU-Pasteur Research Centre (2000-2003)

The general vision of the HKU-Pasteur Research Centre, in line with the missions of the Institut Pasteur is

The setting up of the Centre started in the end of february, 2000. The Centre was inaugurated on October 24th, 2000. During this short period of time the installation of the laboratory for experiments in functional genomics was brought about. Several seminars were given on the premises of the Hong Kong University, and a workshop on emerging fungal diseases (English version only) was held at the Centre (June 24th-26th, 2000).

The research programme of the Centre for the next few years is centered on bacterial subtractive genomics, ie the comparison between reference genomes (such as the genome of Bacillus subtilis) and genomes of interest,

for prediction of gene function. This programme is associated to research at the Regulation of Gene Expression Unit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris (summary). The first results of this work substantiate the observation that the genome is not a random collection of genes, but is organised to match the architecture of the cell. The Centre is also developing bacterial genome databases (2001-2005) and mirroring the databases developed in Paris.