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2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022 courses and example classes in Statistics L2, DEGEAD, LSO, Dauphine, in charge: Laƫtitia Comminges (also Robin Ryder). I taught one group in 2019/2020 in French, two in 2020/2021 (one in French and one in English, both online) and one in 2021/2022, in English.

I co-organised and taught (rather fooled around in an instructive way) middle and high school students in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of the Experimental Physics summer school hosted by Minu Balkanski Foundation, but I am no longer involved in that school.

Instead in 2018, with Bogdan Stankov, Lyuben Lichev and Violeta Naydenova (now Licheva), we launched a new annual summer school in the same series, in combinatorics, which I directed for the first 5 editions. In 2020 Ivo Kortezov also joined our team. Note that we are happy to accept early-career Bulgarian(-speaking) Mathematics teachers as interns. If you are willing to join our team or want to share an idea regarding the activity, please contact Lyuben, who is now in charge of it.
In 2020, taking into account the pandemic, we decided to transfer the school to an online version, which went unexpectedly well. We were happy to teach almost 200 attendees and evaluate the overwhelming number participants in the team competitions. Links to the lecture recordings can be found here.

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