Lecture Notes

Collected lectures notes in computational biology

Adaptive Dynamics

The lecture is dispensed by Pr. Régis Ferrière in the Biology department of the École normale supérieure de Paris. I taught the tutorial session in 2016 2017 and 2018.

Tutorial 1: Pairwise invasibility plots

Biological problem

Modeling the problem

Population dynamics
Predator-prey interactions
Adaptive dynamics framework

Numerical Pairwise invasibility plot

How to read a pip

2. Exploring the trade-off

Exploring the branching

Tutorial 2: Stochastic simulations

Biological problem
Modeling the problem
Simple case


Exact stochastic simulation
Approximate Stochastic Simulations
Reducing the state space. Discrete time integration Poisson's approximation of growth. Tau-leap

Tutorial 3: Canonical Equation of Adaptive Dynamics

Canonical equation



Appendix ~ Ecological simulations