Main teaching activities

As Associate professor at Sorbonne University (ex-UPMC), I have a teaching duty of 192 h per year.

I mainly teach in the following classes :

Other current teaching activities

  • Modeling for ecotoxicology and ecology. Master 2. Université de Lorraine, Metz (2h/y). Since 2017.
  • Marine ecosystem modelling. Master 1. ENSTA-Paris Tech School of engineering (3 to 6h/y). Since 2015.
  • Multivariate statistics. PUF project. RSMAS , Miami University, USA (12h in 2015).
  • Online course on Larval dispersal and Connectivity, L2/L3, E-Marin’Lab (link).

Former teaching duties

  • 2011: Contractual teacher at UPMC (30 h/y). Biostatistics (L2 Pro Biology-Health-Environment), Modeling of marine ecosystems (Second year of Master ”Oceanography and Marine Environments”.).
  • 2006-2009: Teacher assistant at UPMC (64 h/y). Biology and diversity (L1 Life Sciences), Marine Ecology (M2 Oceanography and Marine Environments, Computer Sciences and (L1 and L2 Life Sciences), Linear Algebra (L2 Life Sciences).