Antoine Jego's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage! I am currently a postdoc in probability theory at EPFL in Lausanne.

Research interests

Statistical physics, 2D random conformally invariant objects. More precisely, Liouville quantum gravity, Gaussian free field, Gaussian (and non-Gaussian) multiplicative chaos, Brownian motion, random walks and their local times, branching random walk, Brownian loop soup, Schramm—Loewner Evolution (SLE), percolation.

Short CV

  • Since June 2022: Postdoc with Juhan Aru, Chair of random geometry, EPFL, Lausanne
  • Jan–May 2022: Postdoc, MSRI program The Analysis and Geometry of Random Spaces, Berkeley
  • 2017–2021: PhD studies at the University of Vienna and at the University of Cambridge
  • 2016–2017: Master 2 at University Paris 6
  • 2014–2017: Graduate studies at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris (ENS Ulm)