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Living beings never stay alone. They make communities of a variety of species comprising individuals neutral to one another, commensals, mutualists, symbiotes, parasites or pathogens. Mutualist associations are frequent. They express that individuals belonging to different species are mutually beneficial.

AMAbiotics exploits a great many observations showing that the human body establishes a mutualist association with its microbial flora, in a situation where the number of microbes present in a given person is ten times that of the human body. The goal of the research developed in the company is to identify organisms, processes and chemicals that favor an harmonious mutualist association between communities, especially but not exclusively, the human microbial flora and the human body, favoring well-being. AMAbiotics also aims at uncovering disorders that characterize the lack of optimal mutualist associations. The identification of these associations, whether positive or negative, will serve as diagnostic medical tests, indicative of good or poor health. It will also provide means to preserve good health or target poor health via the selective supply of proper nutrients, suitable biologically relevant additives or microbes. This process of bioremediation will restore global metabolic equilibrium and bring back elements that had been missing as a sequel of a pathogenic situation, whether natural or induced by long-term medical treatment, for example.