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Article defining the context of ageing and the associated metabolic questions
Article définissant le contexte du vieillissement et les questions métaboliques associées

Previous publications related to biotechnology

Patents by Antoine Danchin

Penser en ingénieur : la biologie symplectique au secours de la bioremédiation métabolique

AMAbiotics supports a journal in systems and synthetic biology, Symplectic Biology

End of 2011: The European Commission publishes the summary record on the EU-US Task-Force on Biotechnology analysing the status of Synthetic Biology (with participation of AMAbiotics SAS)

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Paralogous metabolism: S-alkyl-cysteine degradation in Bacillus subtilis
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The logic of metabolism and its fuzzy consequences
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Constraints in the design of the synthetic bacterial chassis
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Biochemical Journal (2012) 443: 485-490. IF 4.654 PubMed

A Danchin
Synthetic biology's flywheel
EMBO Reports (2012) 13: 92. IF 7.189 PubMed

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Scaling up synthetic biology: Do not forget the chassis
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franceA Danchin
Un démon entre en scène
Postface au livre de Jérôme Segal Le Zéro et le Un (2011) Editions Matériologiques.

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Life's demons: information and order in biology. What subcellular machines gather and process the information necessary to sustain life?
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Hydrothermally generated aromatic compounds are consumed by bacteria colonizing in Atlantis II Deep of the Red Sea.
ISME J (2011) 5: 1652-1659 IF 8.951 PubMed

F Piette, S D'Amico, G Mazzucchelli, A Danchin, P Leprince, G Feller
Life in the cold: a proteomic study of cold-repressed proteins in the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2011) 77: 3881-3883 IF 3.678PubMed

franceA Danchin
Les gènes du démon de Maxwell : est-il possible de construire une usine cellulaire ? Maxwell’s demon’s genes: Can we build a cell factory?
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, Chimie (2011) 14: 413-419 IF 1.803

B Wilmes, H Kock, S Glagla, D Albrecht, B Voigt, S Markert, A Gardebrecht, R Bode, A Danchin, G Feller, M Hecker, T Schweder
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Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2011) 77: 1276-1283 IF 3.678 PubMed

A Danchin
Science and arsenic's fool's gold: a toxic broth
Journal of Cosmology (2010) 13: 3617-3620
Abstract: Making stable informational polymers in water at 300K limits chemical variations within extremely narrow borders. This is why the basic atoms of life — those that are found in meteoritic molecules — are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. In these same conditions, management of energy to support life used the unique property of phosphorus to make energy-rich metastable phosphoester or polyphosphate bonds. Analysis of the genome of arsenic-loving bacteria suggests that arsenic can nevertheless be accumulated in bacteria via formation of innocuous derivatives that may decorate inert (mostly non informational) biopolymers. However, arsenic cannot replace phosphorus in this core function of life. This has been previously firmly established by numerous biochemical experiments. Likewise, recent claims by Wolfe-Simon et al. (2010) that this replacement could happen, have not been experimentally verified, and are based on experiments lacking proper controls; the purpose of which was to substantiate these beliefs. However, the authors are not sole to be blamed, but the journals that try to maintain their high impact factors at all cost, publishing articles that should never have reached the public.

E Krin, A Danchin, O Soutourina
Decrypting the H-NS-dependent regulatory cascade of acid stress resistance in Escherichia coli
 BMC Microbiology (2010) 161: 363-371 haIF 3.104 PubMed

A Danchin
A path from predation to mutualism
Molecular Microbiology (2010) 77: 1346-1350 IF 4.961 PubMed















F Piette, S D’Amico, C Struvay, G Mazzucchelli, J Renaut, ML Tutino, A Danchin, P Leprince, G Feller
Proteomics of life at low temperatures: trigger factor is the primary chaperone in the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125
Molecular Microbiology (2010) 76: 120-132 IF 4.961 pubmed

uk-flagBacteria living in the cold can teach us about ageing processes. This article extends our knowledge about the involvement of cold conditions in the folding of proteins.
P. haloplanktis becomes also interesting for agro-food industry as cheese with "washed rind" are colonised by the bacteria, presumably originating from the salt used in the washing solution.


fr-flagLes bactéries qui vivent au froid nous apprennent beaucoup sur les processus du vieillissement. Cet article accroît nos connaissances sur le rôle du froid dans le repliement des protéines.
P. haloplanktis devient soudain un composant important du fromage à croûte lavée, qu'elle colonise, sans doute comme contaminant du sel utilisé pour les solutions de lavage.

A Danchin
Motivated research
EMBO Reports (2010) 11: 488 IF 7.189
Opening: Three years ago, a senior politician attended his country’s Annual Congress for the Advancement of Science to give the introductory lecture. He asked the attending scientists to make science and research more attractive to young students and the general public, and asked his countrymen to support scientists to address the urgent challenges of global climate change, energy needs and dwindling water resources. It was neither a European nor a US politician, but the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who made this speech about the relationship between research and its practical applications. This is such an important topic that one might think it deserves appropriate attention in Europe, yet we fail to address it properly. Instead, we just discuss how science should serve society or contribute to the ‘knowledge-based economy’, or how ‘basic’ or ‘fundamental’ research is opposed to ‘applied’ or ‘industrial’ research and how funding for ‘big science’ comes at the expense of ‘little academic’ research.

A Danchin
Perfect time, or perfect crime?
EMBO Reports (2010) 11: 74 IF 7.189PubMed

E Krin, A Danchin, O Soutourina
RcsB plays a central role in H-NS-dependent regulation of motility and acid stress resistance in Escherichia coli
Res Microbiol (2010) 161: 363-371 IF 2.889 pubmed

A Danchin, G Fang
Babies are born very young. The synthesis of change
Journal of Cosmology (2010) 7: May 2010 Artificial Life

M Vayssier-Taussat, D Le Rhun, HK Deng, F Biville, S Cescau, A Danchin, G Marignac, E Lenaour, Boulouis HJ, Mavris M, Arnaud L, Yang H, Wang J, M Quebatte, P Engel, H Saenz, C Dehio
The Trw type IV secretion system of Bartonella mediates host-specific adhesion to erythrocytes
PLoS Pathogens (2010) 6:e1000946 IF 8.136 pubmed

A Danchin
A challenge to vaccinology: Living organisms trap information
Vaccine (2009) 27S6: G13-G16 IF 3.492PubMed

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