Here are all my papers and preprints for the moment.


11. Concatenating random matchings , with Fabian Burghart
        arXiv preprint, 2023.
9. Coupling Bertoin's and Aldous-Pitman's representations of the additive coalescent , with Igor Kortchemski
        in revision in Random Structures and Algorithms, 2023.


7. Components in meandric systems and the infinite noodle, with V. Féray
        published in International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022.
6. Random generation and scaling limits of fixed genus factorizations into transpositions, with V. Féray and B. Louf
        published in Probability Theory and Related Fields, 2021.
5. Points and lines configurations for perpendicular bisectors of convex cyclic polygons, with P. Melotti and S. Ramassamy
        published in Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 2020.
4. Cube moves for s-embeddings and α-realizations, with P. Melotti and S. Ramassamy
        published in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré D, 2020.
3. Random stable type minimal factorizations of the n-cycle,
        published in Advances in Applied Probability, 2020.
2. A geometric representation of fragmentation processes on stable trees,
        published in Annals of Probability, 2019.
1. Vertices with fixed outdegrees in large Galton-Watson trees,
        published in Electronic Journal of Probability, 2018.
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