ED PIF: 2016 PhD students day: the planning of the day

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FAQ : Frequently Ask Questions

Oral general comments :

  • When does the day begin?

    You can arrive at 8 o'clock, if you want to post up your poster. The breakfast is served at 8:30am. The scientific part of the day will be ushered at 9am. It's the lattest moment at which you can arrive before being frowned upon.

  • Oral presentation :

    • How long ?

      The format is 15+5 minutes. The presentation should last 15 minutes and will be followed with 5 minutes of questions. Your presentation can take some time of the questions session, but it cannot exceed 20 minutes.

    • Which language should I use ?

      Either French or English. We highly recommmand to use the language in which you are the most comfortable.

    • Which scientific level should my presentation have

      The PhD students of the ED PIF come from a wide variety of subfields of Physics as shows the different titles of the presentations. You should simply your subjet as if your public was formed of students with a Bachelor degree.

    FAQ posters :