• Prevalence and polymorphism of a mussel transmissible cancer in Europe
    Hammel, Simon, Arbiol, Villalba, Burioli, Pépin, Lamy, Benabdelmouna, Bernard, Houssin, Charrière, Destoumieux-Garzon, Welch, Metzger & Bierne
    Molecular Ecology (2022)
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  • Three new genome assemblies of blue mussel lineages: North and South European Mytilus edulis and Mediterranean Mytilus galloprovincialis
    bioRxiv (2022)
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  • Urban rendezvous along the seashore: Ports as Darwinian field labs for studying marine evolution in the Anthropocene
    Touchard*, Simon*, Bierne & Viard (*co-first authors)
    Evolutionary Applications (2022)
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  • Agent-based modeling and genetics reveal the Limfjorden, Denmark, as a well-connected system for mussel larvae
    Pastor, Larsen, Hansen, Simon, Bierne & Maar
    Marine Ecology Progress Series (2021)
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  • DILS: Demographic Inferences with Linked Selection by using ABC
    Fraisse, Popovic, Romiguier, Loire, Simon, Galtier, Duret, Bierne, Vekemans & Roux
    Molecular Ecology Resources (2021)
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  • How do species barriers decay? Concordance and local introgression in mosaic hybrid zones of mussels
    Simon, Fraïsse, El Ayari, Liautard‐Haag, Strelkov, Welch & Bierne
    Journal of Evolutionary Biology (2021)
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  • Replicated anthropogenic hybridisations reveal parallel patterns of admixture in marine mussels
    Simon, Arbiol, Nielsen, Couteau, Sussarellu, Burgeot, Bernard, Coolen, Lamy, Robert, Skazina, Strelkov, Queiroga, Cancio, Welch, Viard & Bierne
    Evolutionary Applications (2020)
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  • A single clonal lineage of transmissible cancer identified in two marine mussel species in South America and Europe
    Yonemitsu, Giersch, Polo-Prieto, Hammel, Simon, Cremonte, Avilés, Merino-Véliz, Burioli, Muttray, Sherry, Reinisch, Baldwin, Goff, Houssin, Arriagada, Vásquez, Bierne & Metzger
    eLife (2019)
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  • Comparative population genomics confirms little population structure in two commercially targeted carcharhinid sharks
    Junge, Donnellan, Huveneers, Bradshaw, Simon, Drew, Duffy, Johnson, Cliff, Braccini, Cutmore, Butcher, McAuley, Peddemors, Rogers & Gillanders
    Marine Biology (2019)
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  • Implementation of various approaches to study the prevalence, incidence and progression of disseminated neoplasia in mussel stocks
    Burioli, Trancart, Simon, Bernard, Charles, Oden, Bierne & Houssin
    Journal of Invertebrate Pathology (2019)
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  • Coadapted genomes and selection on hybrids: Fisher's geometric model explains a variety of empirical patterns
    Simon, Bierne & Welch
    Evolutionary Letters (2018)
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  • Digest: Demographic inferences accounting for selection at linked sites
    Simon & Duranton
    Evolution (2018)
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  • Weird genotypes? Don't discard them, transmissible cancer could be an explanation
    Riquet, Simon & Bierne
    Evolutionary Applications (2017)
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