Frequently Asked Questions about Diseases, Genetics and Genomes

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How can I help?

You can help us in several ways:

Advertisement: making us known, and getting support for us.

Information: providing us with information about the topics of the research at the Centre. You could even help us by translating into Chinese (simplified mainland characters and normal Hong Kong and overseas characters) some of these pages, sending them as E-mail attached files to us.

Donations: many ways are possible, see our Support page. (disabled)

Your own question:

Please note that we make statistics about the questions we receive. Check first at this site whether your question has not already received an answer. We do not answer every question, but, when questions are asked over and over again, we place them in the FAQ section, which is updated on a monthly basis: so, reading this page from time to time you will see whether you asked something which is also a question for other people. For journalists, we decide on a case by case basis whether we are able to find appropriate answers. We always try our best.

Answering questions takes time, and, of course, this means that the persons answering them have to eat, be clothed and live somewhere. This means that some support must be given to them for them to live. Our Centre is not profit-making, and we can only survive if you help us: therefore, if you have specific, or very technical questions, which will have to ask us for a significant amount of work to answer, we need support. You may therefore be willing to support us using the form here (disabled)). You may even be employed by a profit-making company, which might be interested to collaborate with us. In such a case please contact us.