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I coorganized the meeting Coxeter Groups meet Convex Geometry (minicourses / workshop), which took place at LaCIM in August, 13-22, 2012. See details on the webpage for the meeting.


Since September 2015, I co-organize (with Cesar Ceballos) the Combinatorics Working Seminar, gathering every Monday morning the PhD students and postdocs of the Combinatorics team of Universität Wien.

In 2011-2013 I created and co-organized (together with Mathieu Anel, then with Adam Clay and Michael Bailey, postdocs at CIRGET, lab neighbour of LaCIM) the "séminaire CIRGET-LaCIM".

This seminar is a common seminar between the labs of CIRGET and LaCIM. The aim is to bring together the members of both labs, in order to learn from each other (it is of course open to members of other universities as well). There is in general one talk every week, 1h-1h30 long, given by one member (or a guest). The seminar aims to be accessible to PhD students, and more informal than usual specialized lab seminars.

Find below the calendar for the seminar, with past talks (use arrow buttons to navigate and click on a title to see details).

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