My greatest passion in life is playing classical music on the piano. Here are a few performances .

My Youtube channel.

I am a member of the Philéa chamber music ensemble.

My younger sister Josephine Stephenson is a composer.

Links to a few organizations which help the cause of amateur music in Paris:
-International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs
-The Sforzando chamber music competition
-Les Amateurs Virtuoses! piano festival

Solo Piano Repertoire:

Chamber music repertoire:

  • L.v. Beethoven: Violin sonatas op.12 no.3 in Eb major, op.24 in F major (“Spring”), Cello sonata in A major op.69, Piano trio in D major op.70 no.1 (“Ghost”)
  • F. Schubert: Piano trios no.1 D.898 in Bb major, no.2 D.929 in Eb major
  • F. Mendelssohn: Piano trio no.1 op.49 in D minor
  • F. Chopin: Cello sonata op.65
  • R. Schumann: Piano quartet op.47, Fünf Stücke im Volkston op.102
  • J. Brahms: Cello Sonata no.1, op.38, Piano trio op.101, Violin sonata no.3, op. 108
  • S. Rachmaninov: Trio Élégiaque no.1, Cello sonata op.19
  • M. Ravel: Piano Trio
  • S. Prokofiev: Cello sonata op.119
  • D. Shostakovitch: Piano trio no.2 op.67
  • N. Kapustin: Burlesque, op.97


  • W.A. Mozart: Concertos K.466 in D minor (cadenzas by P. Sancan), K.488 in A major (cadenza by myself), K.491 in C minor (cadenzas by myself), K.503 in C major (cadenza by myself)
  • L.v. Beethoven: Concertos no.3, op.37 in C minor and no.4, op.53 in G major (cadenzas by L.v. Beethoven (I and III), or N. Medtner (I) and L.Godowsky (III))
  • F. Chopin: Concerto no.1, op.11 in E minor.
  • C. Franck: Variations symphoniques, M. 46
  • G. Gershwin: Variations on “I got Rhythm”

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