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My research aims to improve the understanding and the anticipation of the epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases by integrating sources of heterogeneity (polymorphism, spatial structuring, anti-infective treatments, health policies) in the multi-level quantitative analysis (from intra-host to public health via transmission) of pathogens such as Ebola virus, human papillomaviruses, multidrug-resistant bacteria, and more recently SARS-CoV-2.

► Research work

   international publications

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   French publications

• Djidjou-Demasse R, Selinger C, Sofonea MT. (2020) Épidémiologie mathématique et modélisation de la pandémie de Covid-19 : enjeux et diversité. Revue Francophone des Laboratoires.

   expert report

Anses. (2021) Note d'appui scientifique et technique relative à la viabilité dans l'air et la dose infectante du virus SARS-CoV-2. (saisine 2021-SA-0018). Maisons-Alfort : Anses.


• Collective work (edited by Boudeau D, Caudron N, Delorme L, Fabre P, Godard F, Rilhac M, Sicard M, Sofonea MT). (2021) Du labo à la classe : l’évolution en action. APBG.

Collective work (edited by Gibert P). (2021) Regards croisés sur les pandémies. CNRS Éditions.


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Sofonea MT (2017) Virulence evolution and multiple infections. PhD thesis in evolution of infectious systems. Univ. Montpellier.

► Softwares

Sofonea MT, Reyné B, Alizon S. (2020) COVIDSIM – Combining statistical analysis of hospital data and parsimonious non Markovian modelling for infering epidemiological parameters and simulating NPI of the COVID-19 epidemic in France. i-Trop bioinformatics.

• Reyné B, Danesh G, Alizon S, Sofonea MT. (2020) Rt2 – Estimating the reproduction number of COVID-19 epidemics in different countries and, for France, in regions and departments using incidence, hosptialisation, and mortality data. France Bioinformatique.

• Boennec C, Alizon S, Sofonea MT. (2021) COVIDici – Visualization & projection tool of the COVID-19 populational data in France at national, regional and departmental levels. France Bioinformatique.

• Boennec C, Sofonea MT, Alizon S. (2021) COVimpact – Estimating the residual hospital impact of COVID-19 in France. France Bioinformatique.

► Responsibilities

• Deputy Director for Research of the Exposome Institute of the University of Montpellier (ExposUM) (since 2022)
• Guest Editor of Anaesthesia Critical Care and Pain Medicine (since 2021)
• Member of the Modelling Coordinated Action of the ANRS|MIE (since 2021)
• Member of the Air & COVID expert group of the ANSES (since 2021)
• Head of the Theoretical & Experimental Evolution research group (MIVEGEC - Univ. Montpellier, CNRS, IRD - since 2021)
• Member of the modelling & evolutionary ecology expert panel of Arbo-France (French network for the study of arboviroses) (since 2020)
• PhD grant reviewer (ENS, Paris, since 2019)
• member of the organizing committee of the Evolution 2018 congress (Montpellier, 2016 - 2018)

► Co-supervision of Phd theses

• Thomas Beneteau (Ligue nationale contre le Cancer grant, 2019 - 2023)
• Bastien Reyné (French Doctoral School grant, 2020 - 2023)
• Olivier Supplisson (ANRS|MIE grant, 2022 - 2025)
• Morgana D'Ottavi (INSERM grant, 2022 - 2025)

► Co-supervision of Master internships

• Thomas Beneteau (M2 AgroParisTech, 2019)
• Julien Lombard (M1 Rennes, 2019)
• Luis F.V.V. Boullosa (M1 international MEME 2016)
• Lafi Aldakak (M1 international MEME, 2015)

► International communications

7 invitations, 9 selected talks