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5.22  Module Sys

System interface.

val argv : (!arg string, 'a) array
The command line arguments given to the process. The first element is the command name used to invoke the program. The following elements are the command-line arguments given to the program.

val executable_name : !arg string
The name of the file containing the executable currently running.

val getenv : 'a string -{'b | Not_found: 'b |}-> 'c string
             with !env < 'c
             and  !env < 'b
             and  'a < 'b, 'c
Return the value associated to a variable in the process environment. Raise Not_found if the variable is unbound.

val os_type : 'a bool
Operating system currently executing the Caml program. One of - "Unix" (for all Unix versions, including Linux and Mac OS X), - "Win32" (for MS-Windows, OCaml compiled with MSVC++ or Mingw), - "Cygwin" (for MS-Windows, OCaml compiled with Cygwin), - "MacOS" (for MacOS 9).

val word_size : 'a int
Size of one word on the machine currently executing the Caml program, in bits: 32 or 64.

val max_string_length : 'a int
Maximum length of a string.

val max_array_length : 'a int
Maximum length of an array.

val ocaml_version : 'a string
ocaml_version is the version of Objective Caml.

It is a string of the form "major.minor[additional-info]" Where major and minor are integers, and additional-info is a string that is empty or starts with a '+'.

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