Functor Avl_draw.Make

module Make: functor (D : DRAW) -> functor (G : GRAPH) -> sig  end
Given an implementation of drawing capabilities and of graphs structures, the functor Make provide drawing functions for graphs.
D : Avl_draw.DRAW
G : Avl_draw.GRAPH

type engine = [ `Dot of
[ `Nodesep of int
| `Rankdir of [ `LeftToRight | `TopToBottom]
| `Ranksep of int] list]
Spatial arrangement of nodes and edges is performed by an external engine. Currently, only one external engine is supported.

val draw_graph : D.window -> engine -> int -> int -> G.graph -> int * int
draw_graph win a x y g draw the graph g according to the arrangement a. x and y are the coordinates of the left lower bound of the drawing. The function returns the dimensions of the drawing.