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Verónica Miró Pina's webpage


I am a postdoc at Centre for Genomic Regulation (Barcelona), in Donate Weghorn 's team.

My reasearch area is probability and stochastic models, applied to Population genetics and evolutionary biology.

Currently, I am working on cancer evolutionary biology, trying to understand the interplay between tumor heterozygosity and selection.

Previous to that, I was a postdoc at UNAM (Mexico) with Arno Siri-Jégousse and Adrian González Casanova.

I completed my PhD in mathematics in 2018 at Sorbonne Université, under the supervision of Emmanuel Schertzer and Amaury Lambert. The title of my dissertation is "Equilibrium patterns of genetic diversity shuffled by migration and recombination". The manuscript can be found here.

Short CV

    2020 - present: Postdoc at CRG

    2018 - 2020: Postdoc at IIMAS, UNAM

    2015 - 2018: PhD at Sorbonne Université

    2013 - 2014: Master's degree in Applied Mathematics at UPMC (Paris 06)

    2011 - 2013: Bachelor's degree in Biology at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris

    A long CV is availaible here


Population Genetics, Evolution, Cancer Biology

Coalescence, recombination, selection, migration, demography

Applied mathematics, probability, statistics, stochastic processes, coalescence theory