Jtalk is a Jabber client that provides an interface somewhat similar to the historic Unix Talk system. Jtalk is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

Note: jtalk is not a full-featured Jabber client. It focuses only on the presence and messages. To handle your rooster, undate your information, create accounts and so on, you need another, more complete, Jabber client.


Jabber and Jabber-over-TLS (= SSL) protocol support provided by the Loudmouth library. WORKING
Safe startup and configuration. WORKING (since 20060427)
One-to-one and one-to-several chat in a separate terminal. WORKING
Readline-based client. WORKING
Support for UTF-8 terminals. WORKING
Support for non-UTF-8 terminals. WORKING (since 20060427)
Better line wrapping. TODO
Simultaneous connection to several Jabber accounts. WORKING (since 20060521)
Notification of incoming messages. WORKING
Conversations logging and history. WORKING (since 20060427)
Tracking of online/away status. PARTIAL (since 20060521)
Jingle (Google Talk voice protocol) support. TODO


The (preliminary) user's manual is available here.


Dependencies: loudmouth, PCRE, readline