Guilhem Doulcier

About me

My portrait, thanks to Laurance Boulet.

I'm an Evolutionary Biologist. I'm passionate about the interplays between ecological and evolutionary dynamics.

Current affiliation: Theory and Method in Biosciences (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia), and Evolutionary Theory Department (Max Planck Institute, Plön, Germany).


Evolution of collective-level Darwinian properties

Philosophy of Biology

Community Ecology


I had the pleasure to act as a teaching assistant in the Biology Department of the École normale supérieure (Paris). I collected several lecture notes in the domain of computer science, mathematics, and evolutionary theory.


I am or was involved in the development of several free and open source software.
  • Matpopmod (2021-ongoing, gitlab) : Analysis of Matrix Population Models in Python (beta)
  • Diapo (2019) : Assemble a presentation from a set of Inkscape SVGs.
  • Colgen (2019-ongoing) : Collective level genealogies analysis.
  • Dropsignal (2016-2020, gitlab): Signal processing for millifluidic experiments.
  • ZEN (2016-ongoing, gitlab): Evolutionary dynamics simulations.
  • ULM (2015-2017, gitlab): Population dynamics simulations.
  • rnetcarto (2014-2015, github): R-package for modularity optimisation of graph partition.
  • ipdt (2015): A tool to run iterated prisoner's dilemma tournaments.
  • ShapeCompare (2013): A tool to visualize and compare multiple hShape experiments results treated with the Shape Finder software.
I firmly believe that all knowledge should be free (as in free speech) and accessible to all. I would go as far as to say that it is a hard requirement for good science. I have no interest in working or collaborating using non-free software in a professional setting.


guilhem (dot) doulcier (at) normalesup (dot) org (PGP)