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Welcome to my professional webpage.

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Welcome to my professional website. I am an INRIA researcher, head of the CANARI team.

I work on effective algorithms for abelian varieties and their moduli space, with applications to public key cryptography and post-quantum cryptography. My main subjects of interest are isogenies between abelian varieties and isogeny based cryptography.

I worked on my PhD thesis under the supervision of Guillaume Hanrot in the Caramel team at Nancy. Then I was an engineer researcher at Microsoft Research (MSR) in the cryptography group of Kristin Lauter at Redmond (USA). Afterwards, I was a researcher in the LFANT team supervised by Andreas Enge.

I maintain a list of my publications, and a list of softwares.

You can also contact me, look at some more informations on me or take a peek at my Curriculum Vitae.