Hello world!

Close-up on a perched female Anna's hummingbird.

My name is Hugo Gruson, I am an ecologist and an evolutionary biologist. My research interests focus on species competitive interactions and how they shape the species current characteristics: geographic range, behavioral traits, color, etc. My primary focus is on birds but I would be happy to work on another clade as to me, the topic matters more than the model species.

During my free time, I am always trying to learn new stuff, no matter what it is: how to build and maintain a bike? How does cryptography work and what are its applications? What do clouds tell us about the air mass and how to predict the weather looking at them? etc.
I also enjoy a lot being outdoors: biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, birdwatching… As soon as the weather allows it, I go outside, sometimes even before sunrise.

Hugo crossing a river on a dead trunk.