Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python


The anaconda distribution of Python is downloadable at:
The Python 2.x is legacy, Python 3.x is the present and future of the language (

Some web sites to learn Python

The codecademy web site ( offers a wide range of excercises to pratice your pyton skills.
If you have problems in your python code, a good method to solve it is to look up the question on internet with your favorit web browser. The website stackoverflow usually has great answers (
If you want to learn more on a particular topic, I'd advice to go take a look at the python wikibook or the documentation website or other tutorial website like

Getting started

Packages and modules

Packages and modules can be loaded to uses new library on python. The following package are quite useful: To load a package type : "import numpy as np" for instance. The numpy fonction will then be accessibe using: np.function. Some modules may conflict with other. The best way to check the compatibility of modules is to look up what is said on specialized web sites.

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