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Face percolation


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Whenever we have a graph, we are always tempted to look at percolation on it. Here are some simulations of face percolation on uniform random quadrangulations. This means that the faces of the map are independently colored yellow with probability equal to the percolation parameter.

Face perco 30k_0.45 [jpgpdf]   Face perco 30k_0.7 [jpgpdf]

Face percolation on a quadrangulation with 30 000 faces with parameter 0.45 and 0.7
Face perco 50k_0.5 [jpg1jpg2pdf1pdf2]   Face perco 50k_400_200_150_0.5 [jpg1jpg2jpg3jpg4]

Face percolation on a quadrangulation with 50 000 faces (without and with a boundary) with parameter 0.5


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