Marine ecologist and numerical oceanographer

I am a marine ecologist using numerical tools to better understand the structure and the functioning of life in the ocean.

Keywords: Marine ecology, numerical ecology, biophysical modelling, trait-based ecology, plankton.

Bio sketch

I studied biology, ecology and computer sciences at the École normale supérieure (ENS) in Paris from 2002 and 2006. I then did my PhD at the Station Biologique de Roscoff in marine ecology under the supervision of Eric Thiébaut (UPMC, Dec. 2010). I studied larval dispersal and connectivy of marine invertebrates using biophysical modeling, in situ observations, and statistical analyses. I then did my post-doc at the LOCEAN in Paris under the supervision of Marina Lévy and Olivier Bernard from INRIA, where I worked on the impact of phytoplankton stoichiometry and photoacclimation on primary production in the ocean.

Since 2012, I am associate professor (maître de conférences) in marine ecology at Sorbonne University. I worked in the COMPLEx Team at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche sur mer (LOV). I passed my habilitation (HDR) in June 2017.

In 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, I will be a visiting researcher at ISYEB thanks to a sabbatical years at the CNRS. The aim of my sabbatical is to learn on the use of genomics and next generation sequencing for plankton studies.

Main scientific interests

  • Trait-based marine ecology
  • Plankton biogeography
  • Marine ecosystem dynamics
  • Phytoplankton growth in the ocean
  • Larval dispersal and connectivity

Main tools

  • Multivariate statistics (PCA, RDA, MCA)
  • Statistical models, species distribution models (ENM)
  • Dynamical models (PDE, ODE)
  • Lagrangian transport models