CURRICULUM VITAE (initially written at the HKUPRC, and subsequently updated)

Agnieszka SEKOWSKA



12.2020 – 01.2022 : Research & Development Director, Kodikos Labs, Paris, study of the correction of intrinsic ageing of proteins on the formation of adaptive mutations.
03.2016 – 09.2019 : Head of technology platforms, Institut de Cardiométabolisme et Nutrition “ICAN”, Paris, preclinical research on intestinal microbiota.
12.2010 – 02.2016 : Laboratory Director, AMAbiotics SAS, Novel metabolic pathways in bacteria (EU project Microme).
01.2010 – 11.2010 : Senior Researcher at Ceprodi (nutraceuticals), Paris, France.
11.2007 – 09.2009 : Determination of persistent gene function in Pseudomonas putida, Unit Genetics of Bacterial Genomes (EU project Probactys), Institut Pasteur.
01.2007 – 08.2007 : Bacterial communication, Unit Genetics in silico (Massimo Vergassola), Institut Pasteur de Paris.
02.2006 – 12.2006 : Surfactine in bacterial surface motility, Laboratory Signalling, Phosphoproteome and Bacterial Communities, Institut de Génétique et Microbiologie, Orsay (ANR grant).
10.2004 – 01.2006 : Systematic analysis of human de peroxiredoxins and sulfiredoxin, Laboratory Oxidative Stress and Cancer, CEA Saclay.
10.2003 – 03.2004 : Senior scientist at Sympathos: global regulateurs of osteo- and cartilagenesis by transcriptome analysis; metabolism and intracellular compartmentalisation in ParaOsteoArthropathy (the company closed for want of stable financial support).

April 2003-september 2003:
Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Unité de Génétique des Génomes Bactériens, Institut Pasteur.

The HKU-Pasteur Research Centre

April 2000-March 2003:
Post-doctoral Fellow at the HKU-Pasteur Research Centre Ltd.

Institut Pasteur

December 1999-March 2000:
Post-doctoral Fellow at the Unité de Régulation de l’Expression Génétique, Institut Pasteur.

September 1995-November 1999:
Preparation of the PhD thesis delivered by Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France. PhD director: Pr Alain Hénaut.
January 1995-June 1995:
Stay in the Unité de Régulation de l’Expression Génétique, Institut Pasteur: sequencing of the Bacillus subtilis genome.
1992-1994: Stay in the laboratory of Microbiology and Immunology at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Krakow, Poland: study of yeast artifical chromosomes (YACs).


Participation to thesis defense committees

2007 Examiner in the thesis committee of You C.H. for a PhD thesis of the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Supervised students

Co-supervision of theses and other supervision

2017: Morais N., 6-month internship as part of the Master 2 R&D Biotechnologies, Paris 6, “Culture of bacteria from the intestinal microbiota and isolation of strains that can degrade molecules of nutritional interest”.

2016: Zhang E., Internship at the end of the 2nd year of study at Sup'Biotech Paris, “Identification of the role of the yggS gene in the isoleucine-isoleucine transformation”.

2016: Ba K., 6 months internship in the framework of a professional degree in bio-industries and biotechnologies, University of Paris Sud, “Identification and quantification in environmental samples of the laboratory molecule of interest AMAbiotics”.

2015: Ivanychyn K., 3 months internship in the framework of the 2nd year course at ENSTBB Bordeaux “Study of bacterial responses following the induction of oxidative stress in the microenvironment”.

2015: Vinchen A., 6 months internship in the framework of a professional degree in biotechnology, University of Paris Sud “Study of bacterial metabolism in the model organisms Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis and Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis “.

2015: Wendel S., internship in a company as part of the preparation of a thesis, DUT, Copenhagen “Study of ageing in the model organism Escherichia coli”

2012 Manon Réau, stage de la fin de la 2ème année d’étude à Sup’Biotech, Paris
Elodie Rouet, stage d'apprentissage at AMAbiotics SAS.
2010 Réjane Chamaillard, stage d’un contrat d’apprentissage dans le cadre de la licence professionnelle de biotechnologie à l’Université Paris - Sud (Paris 11), « Étude de métabolisme bactérien chez les organismes modèles Escherichia coli et Bacillus subtilis. Aide à la création de l’entreprise de recherche en biologie ».
2008-2009 Martens A., Master de Sciences et Technologies (M2), Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire at UPMC, Paris « Analyse de la voie de dégradation de la sérine chez Escherichia coli ».
2004 - 2007 You C.H., PhD thesis of the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines « Étude de la réparation et du recyclage de la méthionine chez Bacillus subtilis ».

September 2000-2003
Lu H. Y., preparation of the PhD thesis to be delivered by The University of Hong Kong.

February 1999-March 1999
Gillet J., stay for preparation of high level technician diploma "Construction of a transposon library " (sole supervisor)
March 1999-August 1999
Seada P., stay for preparation of International Master of Science in Biotechnology diploma "Molecular genetics of polyamine biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis 168" (sole supervisor).

November 1997:
Practical courses with 1st year students of Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (cellular anatomy).



Deciphering the genome text of Bacillus subtilis uncovered a mine of unknown genes. My thesis work described polyamine metabolism in this bacterium. It further elaborates on its relationships with the still poorly known metabolism of sulfur. In B. subtilis arginine, decarboxylated by the product of the speA gene (wrongly assigned as cad, coding for a lysine decarboxylase) starts polyamine synthesis. An ureohydrolase, agmatinase, coded by the speB gene, subsequently produces putrescine. This molecule is the precursor of spermidine, synthesised by spermidine syntase (SpeE). speE and speB form an operon. We have extended our study to the phylogenetic analysis of ureohydrolases and spermidine synthases. This demonstrated that for polyamine metabolism Gram+ bacteria are quite close to archaebacteria, providing further insight into a heated controversy about the origins of the first cells. In addition our work showed, by combining in silico and in vivo / in vitro experiments, that many function assignments are erroneous in public databases. The pathway that leads to spermidine involves S-adenosylmethionine. We identified the corresponding decarboxylase (SpeD, a pyruvoyl-enzyme more similar to an orthologue that we have identified in Methanococcus jannaschii than to the enzyme in E. coli, an observation which again links Gram+ bacteria to archaebacteria), and discovered some enigmatic features of its expression. Finally, we analysed the fate of the accessory product of the reaction catalysed by SpeE, methylthioadenosine. Our study ended with a detailed analysis of the metabolism of this molecule, and more generally with the study of the metabolic cycles where the sulfur atom is involved. A general conclusion seems to emerge: many genes of unknown function are likely to be ordinary enzymes.


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Seminars and Conferences

1994 Zakopane (Poland): Oral presentation during 23d Seminar of Institute of Molecular Biology in Krakow, Poland: “The yeast artificial chromosome”. Sekowska A.
1997 Newcastle (UK): Oral presentation during The Bacillus subtilis Functional Analysis workshop: "Progress report of participants from Institut Pasteur". Sekowska A. and Lelong C.
1997 Lausanne (Swizerland): Poster presentation during the 9th International Conference on Bacilli: "Functional analysis of the Bacillus subtilis genome. Exploration of intermediary metabolism". Sekowska A., Lelong C., Dreesen O., Nedjari H., Klaerr-Blanchard M., Moszer I., Glaser P. & Danchin A.
1999 Dourdan (France): Participation to the 6th European Meeting on Systematic analysis of Bacillus subtilis genes (Dourdan, 1-4.05.1999).
1999 Wroclaw (Poland): Participation to the XIII-th Maw Born Symposium (Wroclaw, 26-30.05.1999).
1999 Baveno (Italy): Participation to the 10th International Conference on Bacilli (Baveno, 27.06-1.07.1999).
2000 Paris (France): Poster presentation during the Genomes 2000 conference: "Global regulation of the sulfate strvation response in Bacillus subtilis". J.-Y. Coppée, S. Auger, E. Turlin, M.-F. Hullo, A. Sekowska, J.-P. Le Caer, V. Labas, A. Danchin & I. Martin-Verstraete.
2000 Hong Kong (China): Seminar at The University of Hong Kong, Department of Biochemistry, "Polyamine metabolism in Bacillus subtilis" A. Sekowska (Hong Kong 2.06.2000).2000 Oxford (UK): Participation to The Gordon Conference "Macromolecular organization and cell function" and poster presentation: "Global regulation of the sulfate starvation response in Bacillus subtilis". J.-Y. Coppée, S. Auger, E. Turlin, M.-F. Hullo, A. Sekowska, J.-P. Le Caer, V. Labas, A. Danchin & I. Martin-Verstraete.
2000 Paris Ffrance): Participation to the Transcriptome 2000 conference (Paris, 6-9.10.2000.
2000 Gif-sur-Yvette (France): Participation to the workshop Analyse statistique des données díexpression. Presentation "La préparation des sondes et des cDNA" A. Sekowska (Gif-sur-Yvette, 7-8.12.2000).
2000 Shanghai: Participation to Seminar on Bioinformatics & Microbial Genome Sequencing. Oral presentation "Polyamine metabolism in Bacillus subtilis (a model for genome annotation)" A. Sekowska (Shanghai, 19.12.2000).
2000 Peking (China): Invitation for a seminar at Beijing University "Polyamine metabolism in Bacillus subtilis (a model for genome annotation)" A. Sekowska (Pekin, 21.12.2000).
2001 Tokyo (Japan): Participation to International Symposium: Functional Genomics of Bacillus subtilis (Rikkyo University, Tokyo, 26-27.01.2001).
2001 Paris: Participation to BACELL 2001 (Paris, 9-12.04.2001).
2002 Pekin: Invitation for a seminar in Beijing University by Prof Wang Yiping (Dept. of Microbiology) "The methionine salvage pathway in Bacillus subtilis" A. Sekowska (Pekin, 27.06.2002).
2002 Paris: Invitation for a seminar in Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique by Dr Harald Putzer " Le recyclage de la méthionine chez Bacillus subtilis " A. Sekowska (Paris, 15.07.2002).
2002 Chaville: Poster presentation at XIXe Journées françaises de Spectrométrie de Masse: "Analyse proteomique comparative chez Bacillus subtilis par gels 2D, MALDI-TOF MS et LC-MSMS : exploitation des résultats et étude de l'étalonnage interne en LC-MSMS". V. Labas, J. Vinh, E. Turlin, A. Sekowska (Chaville, 17-20.09.2002).
2002 Paris: Invitation for a seminar in Institut Pasteur de Paris "Gènes inconnus et cycles métaboliques. Le cycle de la récupération de la méthionine chez Bacillus subtilis et quelques autres" A. Sekowska (Paris, 12.12.2002).

Further seminars, lectures and posters

1) 2018 Paris: Invitation by the Oxford Nanopore Technologies for the presentation delivered at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris: “Study of the variability of the human intestinal microbiota”. A. Sekowska (Paris, the Nanopore Day, 15.03.2018).

2) 2017 Hong Kong: Invitation by Professor JianDong Huang for the seminar delivered at The School of Biomedical Sciences, Li KaShing Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong University: “The Nanopore technology: challenges and promises” A. Sekowska (Hong Kong, 06.11.2017).

3) 2017 Paris: Invitation by Dr Olivier Lucas, ONT, for the presentation delivered at CIMI in Paris in the framework of a Technology Seminar: “Study of the variability of the human intestinal microbiota”. A. Sekowska (Paris, 25.10.2017).

4) 2016 Nara: Invitation by Prof. Hirotada Mori for the seminar delivered at NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology): “An unforeseen cause for adaptive mutations: aging bacterial colonies display mutation hotspots”. A. Sekowska (Nara, 05.10.2016).

5) 2015 Copenhague: Invitation par le Dr Soren Molin pour le séminaire délivré à Technical University of Denmark Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, BacTory Industry Seminar: “AMAbiotics, an overview”. A. Sekowska (Copenhague, 22.10.2015).

16) 2010 Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Madrid, Spain, « Metabolic pathways and modification of macromolecules ». A. Sekowska (CNB-CSIC, Madrid, 7.10.2010).
15) 2010 Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris « De la vie en communauté aux erreurs métaboliques » A. Sekowska (IBPC, Paris, 16.04.2010).
14) 2009 CGM, Gif-sur-Yvette « Vintage metabolism », ou comment un sujet passé de mode conduit à de nouvelles découvertes ». A. Sekowska (Gif-sur-Yvette, 24.07.2009).
13) 2008 Marly-le-Roi : Présentation orale aux Journées Départementales Génomes et Génétique : « Metabolic pathways and cells aging ». A. Sekowska (Marly-le-Roi, 22 - 23.09.2008).
12) 2007 Xi'an, China: Invitation from Dr YanJiong Chen at Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of medicine : « Travelling west, or which forces make bacteria move or stop ». A. Sekowska (Xi'an, 16.10.2007).
11) 2007 Glasgow : poster, 14th International Congress of Photosynthesis : « Evolutionary potential of RuBisCO-like protein in Bacillus subtilis: Interaction with transition-state analogue of RuBisCO ». Y. Saito, H. Ashida, A. Sekowska, A. Danchin (Glasgow, 22 - 27.07.2007).
10) 2006 Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain  : poster at ESF-EPMBO Symposium Bacterial Networks : « Detecting surfactin by mass spectrometry in a swarming community of Bacillus subtilis ». D. Julkowska, K. Hamze, A. Sekowska, I.B. Holland, S.J. Seror, D. Debois, A. Brunelle, O. Laprevote (San Feliu, 14 - 19.10.2006).
9) 2006 Evry, France seminaire at the Genoscope : « Les mystères d'une voie méconnue : le cas de la voie du recyclage de la méthionine chez les bactéries ». A. Sekowska (Evry, 21.06.2006).
8) 2005 Saclay, France  : Presentation at the Journées scientifiques du DBJC autour des Postdoctorants : « étude systématique des péroxyrédoxines humaines : leurs rôles dans l'homéostasie du H2O2 ». A. Sekowska (Saclay, 12 - 13.12.2005).
7) 2005 Detroit, USA: poster at the ISMB 2005 Congress : « Conserved cis-regulatory regions in Bacillus subtilis operons under sulfur-limitation conditions ». Y.L. Yap, C.M. Chan, A. Sekowska, A. Danchin (Detroit, 25.06 - 29.06.2005).
6) 2005 Dourdan, France: Présentation d'un poster aux Journées Départementales Genomes et Génétique : « The two authentic methionine aminopeptidase genes are differentially expressed in Bacillus subtilis ». C.H. You, H.Y. Lu, A. Sekowska, G. Fang, Y.P. Wang, A.-M.Gilles, A. Danchin (Dourdan, 16 - 17.06.2005).
5) 2004 Montréal, Canada  : poster at the13th International Congress of Photosynthesis : « Structure-function relationship between RuBisCO-like protein of Bacillus subtilis and photosynthetic RuBisCO ». Y. Saito, A. Sekowska, H. Ashida, A. Danchin, A. Yokota (Montréal, 29.08 - 3.09.2004).
4) 2003 Baveno, Italy  : Functional Genomics of Gram-positive Microorganisms, 12th International Conference on Bacilli : « Thorough exploration of transcriptome data using conventional and unconventional statistical approaches ». A.-S. Carpentier, C.M. Chan, A. Danchin, A. Hénaut, A. Sekowska (Baveno, 22 - 27.06.2003).
3) 2003 Paris : Presentation at the Journées Départementales Structure et Dynamique des Génomes : « Recyclage du soufre et questions annexes ». A. Sekowska (Paris, 4 -5.06.2003).
2) 2003 Paris : poster at the Journées Départementales Structure et Dynamique des Génomes : « Analyse protéomique comparative chez Bacillus subtilis par gels 2D, MALDI-TOF MS et LC-MSMS : exploitation des résultats et étude de l'étalonnage ». V. Labas, J. Vinh, E. Turlin, A. Sekowska (Paris, 4 - 5.06.2003).
1) 2003 Paris : poster at the Journées Départementales Structure et Dynamique des Génomes : « Recherche sur le soufre au HKU Pasteur Research Centre ». A. Sekowska, M. Santos, H.Y. Lu, C.M. Chan, J. Tse, X.W. Zhang, L. Siu (Paris, 4 -5.06.2003).