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A few links:

These are a few links I have thought could be useful.


Online Encyclopaedias

Mostly useful if you don't have access to a library but have access to an Internet connection.

Online texts

Thanks to all of whom made this possible; authors who gave permission, people who scanned texts, etc.



Free Unixes


A few links about this marvelous language and the machines dedicated to running it.

PDP-10 and ITS

The PDP-10 (Programmed Data Processor 10) was a computer manufactured by DEC (Digital Equipment Company, which then became Digital). Many innovations took place on that machine. Some universities wrote their own operating system for the PDP-10; MIT had the Incompatible Timesharing System (ITS), Stanford had WAITS, etc. I have been gathering information mainly about ITS.
Therefore, here are a few links about this architecture, and about ITS.

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