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▸ Ph.D. work

You will find in this section various documents that summarise or introduce you to my PhD work (my PhD thesis can be downloaded in the next section).

\begin{xy} \xymatrix { \mathbb{S} \ar[d]_{\gamma} \ar[r]^{\gamma'} \ar@{}[rd]|>>>{\huge{\lrcorner}}& \mathbb{D}_1 \ar[d]^{\delta_1} & \\ \mathbb{D}_2 \ar[r]_{\delta_2} & \mathbb{S}' \ar[r]_{\beta} & \mathbb{D}' } \end{xy}

▸ Thesis

You will find in this section gradual updates of my Ph.D. thesis, the first version being published on the Online Research Library of Macquarie University. Errata as well as dates at which the versions were (or will be) uploaded is provided next to every update. The plan is to reach a publishable version of my thesis in the form of a book.

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Version 1.04
Erratum Sometime this year (2018).
Erratum March 10, 2017
Erratum (small update) October 7, 2016
Erratum July 28, 2016
Official (After corrections) April 2016