Functor Avl_tarjan.Make

module Make: functor (X : GRAPH) -> sig  end
X : Avl_tarjan.GRAPH

val fold : 'a -> (X.node -> 'a -> 'a) -> 'b -> ('a -> 'b -> 'b) -> X.graph -> 'b
fold empty add_class singleton add g runs the Tarjan's algorithm on the graph g. It returns a partition of the set of the nodes of the graph (i.e. a set of set of nodes), which is computed as follows:
val list : X.graph -> X.node list list
list g computes the SCCs of a graph. The result is a list of list of nodes: each list gives the nodes of one of the SCCs.
val unify : (X.node -> X.node -> unit) -> X.graph -> unit
unify unifier graph computes the SCCs of a graph. For every SCC, it chooses a particular node nd, and for every other node nd' of the SCC, unifier nd nd' is called.