Module Avl_graphviz

module Avl_graphviz: sig  end
Interface with GraphViz

This module provides a basic interface with dot and neato, two programs of the GraphViz toolbox. These tools are available at the following URLs:

Common stuff

Because the neato and dot engines present a lot of common points - in particular in the graph description language, large parts of the code is shared. First, the !CommonAttributes module defines attributes of graphs, nodes and edges that are understood by the two engines. Second, given a module (of type !ENGINE) describing an engine the !MakeEngine functor provides suitable interface function for it.

Common attributes

type color = int

type arrow_style = [ `Dot | `Inv | `Invdot | `Invodot | `None | `Normal | `Odot]
module CommonAttributes: sig  end
The CommonAttributes module defines attributes for graphs, nodes and edges that are available in the two engines, dot and neato.

Interface with the dot engine

module Dot: sig  end

The neato engine

module Neato: sig  end