Functor Avl_graphviz.Neato.Make

module Make: functor (X : INPUT) -> sig  end
X : Avl_graphviz.Neato.INPUT

exception Error of string
val handle_error : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a -> 'b
val fprint_graph : Format.formatter -> X.graph -> unit
fprint_graph ppf graph pretty prints the graph graph in the CGL language on the formatter ppf.
val output_graph : Pervasives.out_channel -> X.graph -> unit
output_graph oc graph pretty prints the graph graph in the dot language on the channel oc.
val run_graph : [ `Gif | `HpGl | `Imap | `Ismap | `Mif | `Plain | `PostScript] ->
(Pervasives.in_channel -> 'a) -> X.graph -> 'a
run_graph output_mode f graph runs the engine on the graph graph. The function f is applied with the input channel where the engine writes its output as argument. This function must not close the channel. The format of the output is specified by the output_mode argument which may be one of the following `PostScript | `Mif | `HpGl | `Gif | `Imap | `Ismap | `Plain .