Thierry Martinez

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Welcome to this Web site!

9 rue de la Roseraie
92360 Meudon-La-Forêt – France
Land Phone: +33 9 54 43 26 72
Mobile: +33 6 07 82 61 15
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Site contents

Some resources for my daily shell.
Configuration notes for Emacs.
Mac OS X
I have sometimes no alternatives but using Mac/Intel computers. In this page, I try to list some random tricks to make them somehow more usable.


Google+ profile
I am an happy and quite active Google+ user !
Contribute! Go! In a near future, it will perhaps be enough to help me not to get lost anymore.
Recettes du Québec – Recette de Potage aux carottes
My favourite soup! Recipe found by some Google randomization. It is certainly the first one which led me to measure rice in millilitre.
Liste d'Entente Républicaine de Saint Jean Bonnefonds
The site of the electoral list which leads my home town!