Since September 2021, I am a research associate at the University of Edinburgh. Before that, I was working at the University of Vienna.

I completed my PhD at the Université Paris Diderot, under the supervision of David Hernandez, in 2019.


  • Representation Theory
  • Quantum Groups, Quantum Affine Algebras, (Double) Affine Hecke Algebras, etc
  • Combinatorics, (Quantum) Cluster Algebras, Macdonald Polynomials, etc


  • PhD in Mathematics, 2019

    Université Paris Diderot

  • MSc in Mathematics, 2015

    Université Paris Diderot

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Des applications arithmétiques de la dualité de Schur-Weyl affine quantique
t-deformations of Grothendieck rings as quantum cluster algebras
R-matrices and quantum groups
Baxter relation, cluster algebras and quantum cluster algebras
t-deformations of Grothendieck rings as quantum cluster algebras
t-deformations of Grothendieck rings as quantum cluster algebras
Asymptotics of standard modules of quantum affine algebras
Quantum Grothendieck Rings and Baxter relations


List of conferences I attended

  1. Algebraic Combinatorics in Representation Theory, CIRM, Luminy, August 2016
  2. Geometry and Representation Theory, ESI, Vienna, January 2017
  3. Symposium L’enseignement des mathématiques, où en sont les différences filles-garçons ?, IHP, Paris, September 2017
  4. Forum des jeunes mathématiciennes, Nancy, November 2017
  5. Cluster Algebras, Twenty Years On, CIRM, Luminy, March 2018
  6. Interactions of quantum affine algebras with cluster algebras, current algebras and categorification, Washington DC, June 2018
  7. World Meeting for Women in Mathematics (WM)², Rio de Janeiro, July 2018
  8. International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM2018), Rio de Janeiro, August 2018
  9. Representations in Lie Theory and Interactions, CIRM, Luminy, November 2018
  10. XXV Brazilian Algebra School, Campinas, December 2018
  11. Cluster Algebras 2019 (CA 2019), Kyoto, June 2019
  12. Categorifications, Moduli Spaces and Representation Theory, CIRM, Luminy, January 2020
  13. Workshop Algebraic and geometric Lie theory “Colloque tournant”, IHP, Paris, February 2020
  14. ARTIN 2020: Tensor Categories, Quantum Groups and Related Topics, University of Nottingham, June 2020
  15. Quantum Algebra Days, IMAG, Montpellier, November 2020
  16. Quantum Groups and Cohomology Theory of Quiver and Flag Varieties, CIRM, BBB, December 2020
  17. New developments in representation theory arising from cluster algebras research school, INI, Cambridge, September 2021
  18. New developments in representation theory arising from cluster algebras, INI, Cambridge, September 2021
  19. Enveloping Algebras and Geometric Representation Theory, Oberwolfach, November 2021
  20. WINART3 workshop, Banff, April 2022
  21. Summer School: Representation theory and flag or quiver varieties, Paris, June 2022
  22. Geometric Reresentation Theory workshop, Kavli IPMU, Zoom, June-July 2022
  23. World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, Youtube, July 2022
  24. Bases for cluster algebras, Oaxaca, September 2022



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Teaching Assistant

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Oral examiner

Weekly oral exams (colles) for 1st year students preparing for engineer school.

Other activities

Organizer of the Algebra Seminar

Organizer of the Hodge Seminar

Postdoc representative, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee

Organizer of the Rencontres Master-Doctorants

Biannual meetings between graduate students and PhD students.

Member of the Comité Parité