Maxime Hardy, PhD    (ENS Ulm)

A scientist from Paris. Projects: machine learning, statistical physics of disordered systems, computational neuroscience. Teaches physics, maths since 2007, prepares to olympic contests (such as IPhO). Current academic affiliation: Federative Institute for Advanced Study.

2018 PhD, ENS—LaSapienza (Paris—Rome), Mathematical physics
2014 ENS Diploma. Theor. physics, algorithms and statistical models
2007 Gold Medal, 37th International physics olympiad (Iran)


Organizer of the linguistic diversity seminar (« séminaire d'ouverture linguistique ») at ENS : Russian (2012—13), Persian (2013—14) sections. Cograduated in Linguistics (ENS, 2014). Founder and vice-president of the associative open-access scientific publisher « FIAS Science » (editorial guidelines).